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At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

2015 Can Be Your Year for Success in Probate Investing

Are you looking for a change in your life?  Are you considering starting your own probate investing business?  If you are, then don’t wait one more minute.  Take advantage of the opportunities in probate investing and start your own business during 2015.

Probate investing offers much more than just a way to invest in real estate.  With Executors that are ready and willing to sell properties, both residential and commercial, for a fraction of the market value, there are

many ways to profit.  In addition to real estate investing, probate offers options such as estate sales, art and antique investing and personal property that can be purchased and sold for a profit.  No matter your level of expertise or interest, there is a place for you in probate investing.

Literally millions of Americans each and every year say that they want to start their own business.  Let 2015 be your year.  Take time today to research how probates can benefit you and help you reach your career and financial goals.


If you are new to probates, then you may be wondering who is in charge of a person’s estate after they pass away.  State laws dictate that the court assign an Executor if one hasn’t already been selected.  This person, a family member, friend or professional (such as an attorney or accountant) is responsible for cataloging the items in the estate and getting them sold so that bills can be paid.  This process allows the estate to be closed and the beneficiaries to receive their inheritance.  All business dealings are completed with the approval of an Executor.

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Depending on where you live, you may be busy moving snow or simply slipping on a light jacket.  No matter your region, you can be sure that the spring real estate season is just around the corner.  The time to plan is now!

What many investors don’t realize is that real estate has several distinct seasons.  Spring is just one of those times of the



Are you looking for new opportunities in probate?  If you are, then consider adding a blog to your website.  Sharing tips and tricks from your business will help Executors to make good decisions about their properties.  A side benefit is that a blog positions you as an expert, which may open up options and deals that you may not have had access to prior.  Commit to writing two blogs per week – these can be uploaded and prescheduled for release – and watch the way that people respond.  You’ll love the way your business increases with a blog!

Getting Ready for the New Real Estate Season

The place to begin is at

year.  If you are planning on buying or selling a home or commercial property, now is the time to get ready.

For investors who are interested in buying a property, taking the time to drive through neighborhoods and send out initial communications to Executors is a great way to prepare.  While many Executors might be holding onto properties for sentimental reasons, with the weather more challenging, they may be thinking twice. 

For investors who are ready to put a home on the market,

timing is everything.  Make sure that the interior of your home is clean, well-lit and looking great for buyers who will be hitting the market.  If you decide to show your home and you live in a snowy area, ensure that the driveway and walks are clear of snow so that buyers can easily access the home.

Don’t miss the initial push of the early spring in probate real estate.  Start your mailings now and get your home ready for sale.  You’ll be happy that you got your business prepared for eager buyers and sellers as soon as they hit the market.

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Consistent Communication

Want to make great deals in 2015?  The key may be in your communications.  If people don’t know what you do, they won’t sell you their properties.  Make sure to take advantage of a lead service and send mailings out once a month so that you have a continuous stream of properties to choose from to generate profits.

Do Probate Investors Need a Website?

In this age of technology, many probate investors wonder if they need a website.  The answer is yes.  Having a website is a critical tool in building a probate business.

Whether your focus is residential real estate, commercial properties or another area of the probate business, having a website – even a simple one – is a way to make your business stand out.  Investors who take the time to build a website have the opportunity to reach more clients through the Internet. 

Why is a website so important?  Today’s consumers expect that all

businesses have an Internet presence.  A website gives Executors an immediate overview of your business and shows that you are credible.  Remember that the majority of people will have received a mailing from you and may not have heard of your services before.  Having a website means.image

that your business is a serious endeavor and that you are a professional.  This level of preparation speaks volumes to potential clients and shows you as trustworthy and committed to the process.  Include information on your website about your services, a biography about you and your team, the best way to contact you and compelling homepage copy that explains how your services benefit others.

Design your website today and see your business grow!




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Setting Goals for 2015 – Take Your Business to the Next Level

The New Year has started and you might be wondering how you can truly create success this year.  If you are, then you aren’t alone.  So many probate business owners develop goals that they never end up completing, making them feel unsatisfied and less than successful.  There is an easy way to fix this.  The best way to take your business to the next level is to carefully set your goals for 2015. 

There are “good” goals and “bad” goals.  How your goals are worded may be the determining factor in whether or not you are able to achieve what you started out to

accomplish.  Here’s an example:  “I want to make a lot of money.”  As you can imagine, most real estate investors feel the same way.  However, when you look closely, you will realize that this is a badly stated goal.  Immediately, you may wonder how much money that means and in what timeframe.  A better way to state that goal would be to use measurable, specific language such as “I would like to increase my profits by 10% this year,” or “I would like to make $20,000 more this year than last year.” 

Once you have a more specifically stated goal, then it is time to think

about how you can complete your goal.  Come up with a list of at least ten steps that you can take to help you increase your profitability.  These might include starting an estate sale branch of your business, buying another property, selling one of the homes in your portfolio or exploring vintage car sales.  Brainstorm this list and choose three items that you believe have the best chance of helping you achieve your goal.  Add these items to your calendar and make time to work on them.

By stating goals specifically and coming up with action steps, you can take your business to the next level.


Using a lead service can be a tangible way to increase the efficiency of your business during 2015.  A professional lead service uses trained teams to visit local courthouses to gather information on which properties are currently in probate.  If you currently work at another job, a lead service can give you a real edge, saving you time.  You’ll spend less time in research and more time in visiting properties and putting together deals. 

How can you take advantage of this time saving option?  Contact the experts at US Probate Leads today to chat with us about leads that are available in your area and the economical packages we offer.  You can also visit our website at to get instant access to leads specific to your county.  Visit us today!

Is It Worth It? Evaluating a Property Before Purchase

Buying and selling properties requires a certain level of finesse in understanding the value of the property and its condition.  Most experienced property owners know that before they add a home or commercial property to their portfolio that a full evaluation is in order.  Once that evaluation is complete, the question becomes whether or not the property is worth the price the Executor is asking.  Here are a few tips to help you determine when to move ahead and when to walk away:

Structural Issues.  Homes or commercial properties that have structural issues are ones to be cautious about purchasing.  Structural issues can require a considerable amount of repair and those projects can be pricey and unpredictable.  If you do find a home or business property that you are seriously considering and suspect that it

has structural problems, take the time to hire an engineer, inspector or contractor to inspect it and determine the level of damage.  This may make the difference in whether or not you purchase the property.

Electrical Issues.  There are a wide range of electrical issues, some of them very minor and some of them major.  If the property you are considering has a few sockets that need to be replaced, that is one thing.  But, if the property you are evaluating has an outdated electrical system, then you may want to take a second look.  Rewiring an entire home or business property can be a time consuming, expensive project, requiring several steps.  In many states, a licensed

electrician would need to handle the project, complete with pulling permits from the city or village in order to get the work done.  Additionally, electricity would have to be cut off from the property and then reinstalled by the local utility company.

Roofing Issues.  Many older buildings need a new roof.  If a property has had prolonged roof leaks, that may be project worth skipping.  Water intrusion can damage walls, ceilings and may create mold issues.  Have the roof inspected carefully to see the amount of damage.

The bottom line?  Invest in an inspection on any property before purchase to save time and hassles.

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties
that will allow you to be a success in the probate area.

The spring buying and selling season is just around the corner.  If you haven’t gotten started in probate real estate, now is the time.  As you can imagine, some of the best deals are getting ready to enter the market, with Executors that live out of state wanting to move properties. 

This is the time to consider having US Probate Leads assist you in building your business.  Our team of expert probate investment professionals can not only help you get set up to receive leads delivered right to your email, but we can help you

with our training materials, which includes books, communication software to organize your mailings, webinars, on-site seminars and professional advice.  For the most dedicated investor, we offer mentoring services that can take your business to the next level in 2015.  Our mentors can help you to define your goals, evaluate properties and walk you through the probate process.  You’ll love the results that you can get with our help. 

Make 2015 the year that your

business takes off.  Don’t wait one more moment to make the most of your business and your life.  Probate can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Call now!

For more information on our lead service and other products, visit our website today at:

or feel free to give us a call at (877) 470-9751.

The sale of Probate Properties can bring you a major new source of income. Let US Probate leads show you how to participate in this exciting market!


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