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At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

Best Rehab Leads Found in Probate Industry

If you are looking for a way to find homes that can be rehabilitated and then sold for a profit, you need to know about probate leads. 

While so many other types of real estate leads have literally dried up in the last few years due to the difficulty in getting a mortgage and homeowners being underwater on the mortgages they do have, probate leads continue to provide options.  Executors need to have a way to sell property – whether residential homes,

businesses, commercial property or personal property – in order to meet court ordered dates and requirements. 

What does this mean for the property investor who wants to work with rehab properties?  Taking advantage of probate leads means that investors have a great deal of solid properties to choose from for their next project.  These properties are usually available at a discounted price and can be closed quickly.  Find the best options for real estate renovation projects with probate leads.



Are you considering getting started in probate?  Have you been hesitant to start?  Now is the time!  With nearly 100,000 homes and other types of property hitting the market each and every month throughout the United States, there is no shortage of opportunity available.  The only real issue you have is how to get your leads.  That is simple.  Let the experts at US Probate Leads help you by providing up-to-date, timely leads to your inbox whenever you need them.  Our service is fast and easy.  We send trained, professional lead team members to each county courthouse in the United States and they collect the information that you need, saving you time and frustration. Call us today for our economical packages!

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It seems that everyone has a website today.  That said, do probate real estate investors need one?  The short answer is – yes! 

Having a website can help you to build your customers, maintain your reputation and show the community that you are a legitimate business owner.

Today’s consumers use their smartphones, tablets and



In the case of the death of a loved one, the Executor has the right to take care of all of the business needs that the estate has in order to get it closed.  The Executor can be someone who is a family member, a friend or a professional such as an attorney or accountant. 

The responsibilities of an Executor include selling personal property, homes, businesses and divvying up belongings to the heirs.  In other words, the Executor is the representative of the court and the individual who has passed away in completing their wishes.

Building a Probate Website

The place to begin is at

computers to check almost everything online.  With the proliferation of technology, you can be sure they are looking for you on the Internet.

When you build a probate website, you have several choices.  The first choice is to do it yourself.  Today’s hosting services usually have a template package that makes it easy for you to simply input your information and build your site in minutes.  These do it yourself website are basic, but they are easy to launch in just a few hours.  Make sure that you have your contact information listed

on the site and include a cell phone and email address. 

Professionally designed websites can be more expensive, but can offer you a more streamlined look.  From graphics to logos and content that is written specifically for your business, if you are serious about probate real estate investing, hiring a marketing firm to help you can be a wise decision.

Whether you choose to build your own website or have a professional do it, you can use it to benefit your business.

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Season Changes

The seasons are changing and with that the real estate market.  What you will see is that as the holidays get closer and closer the real estate market will slow.  What can you do to keep moving forward?  Look for great deals and start thinking now about your six month plan to be ready for the spring selling and buying season.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Leads Can Be Profitable

Is it time for you to expand your real estate investment business?  Do you have goals that you want to meet and need a new source of leads?  Divorce and bankruptcy leads can be exactly what you are looking for in terms of new sources of work. 

Divorce leads can be found by looking in the public records at the courthouse.  Professional lead services, such as industry leader US Probate Leads, have trained staff that go out to each county in order to find the divorce leads that are currently viable and timely.  These leads can include everything from jointly held real estate to businesses, vacation

homes and personal property.  Since some of these sales can be a bit contentious, it is always wise to have your own attorney look at the paperwork and include a clause that will get you out of the deal if one of the parties refuses to sign. 

Bankruptcy leads are another


excellent source of leads for investors.  Many of these sales are court-ordered and there is a good opportunity to find homes and other property that can be bought at a discounted price.  One caution is that bankruptcy deals frequently have court injected language in the paperwork.  Until you get used to the terms, it is important to have them reviewed by your attorney.

You can find new, profitable leads for your business with divorce and bankruptcy cases.


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Why is there a Lead Shortage in Real Estate?

Operating a successful real estate investing business means that you have to consistently look for new opportunities.  Currently, you may be finding that there are fewer leads than usual in the market.  That is because there is a pronounced lead shortage in the United States. 

The reasons for the lead shortage are many.  One of the main contributors to real estate lead shortages is the limited amount of mortgages that are available.  Without nearly perfect credit, it is difficult for a potential buyer to purchase a new home.  This is causing many buyers to stay in their current residence and simply

update it or add on.

Another reason that there are few homes on the market is that many people are “underwater” on their homes.  This means that the amount they owe is higher than the amount the property is worth.  Homes with underwater mortgages can be nearly impossible to sell unless the seller has cash they can bring to the closing table to close the gap between what the home is worth and the mortgage amount.

Additionally, there has been a slowdown in new construction.  New construction is a great way for people

to move into new areas and leave discounted properties behind.  With the decrease in new construction, fewer people are purchasing new homes. This has led to a decreased amount of homes on the market for those who want to purchase investment properties.

What can you do?  Look in other areas besides the traditional market.  Probates, divorce cases and bankruptcies are all areas that can help you to find discounted properties that will take your business to the next level.  You can find these leads using a professional lead service that delivers information right to your inbox.


Creating a consistent plan for your communications can be the one thing that will change how your business runs in both the short term and the long term.  Staying in front of people who may have property that they want to sell is the best way to find opportunities to grow your business.

A plan can help you to streamline your communications.  Think through the types of communications you can offer and how often to send them out.  Creating a newsletter or mailings is one option.  Taking advantage of emailing is another way to stay in contact in an economical way.  You can even add a blog to your website and utilize social media to talk about your business and connect with other people.

Post your communication tasks on your calendar and stick to them.  While it can be easy to put them off for more urgent tasks, your business will benefit in the long run when you get your communications in order.

Create Alternate Streams of Income in Probate

If you are a probate real estate investor then you know that there are many opportunities in the market that can lead to profits.  Buying and selling residential real estate are by no means the only ways to make money in the industry.  If you are willing to explore other options, you can develop alternate streams of income.  Here are a few of the ways you can diversify your business and how it will benefit you:

  • Why diversify?  Diversifying your business gives you options if your main area of concentration slows down.  For instance, if you are experiencing a delay on a rehab project, another area of your business can generate cash that can help you to move forward. 


  • Look to commercial.  Commercial real estate is

always an option for investors who want to increase their monthly cash flow.  Commercial properties are known for bringing in larger amounts of cash per month than residential properties with longer lease times.

  • Try estate sales.  When Executors need to sell a property, they may have the desire to sell their loved one’s personal items.  You can help to move that process along by offering estate sale services.  This is particularly effective if you have an eye for detail, are good at working with people and are familiar with the selling rates for antiques and other

of household goods.

  • Consider clean out services.  As you can imagine, cleaning out a home or garage space can be very challenging.  Offering a clean out service can help Executors to get a property ready to sell.  With some strong crew members and a dumpster, this can be an effective way to help heirs and make money in the process.


  • Apartment rehabs.  Painting and cleaning are much needed services that can create profits.

Look at these options to profit in real estate.

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties
that will allow you to be a success in the probate area.

The fall buying and selling season in real estate has arrived and with it many great deals.  As you approach Executors with your offers, remember that they may be even more eager to sell this time of year.

Why is that so?  With the holidays coming and colder weather on the horizon in many areas of the United States, Executors may not want to have to deal with increased utility bills, snow plowing and issues with the home they are managing, especially if they live out of state.  What that means for

you is that you may be able to get an even better property for a great price this time of year. 

Another important thing to do now is to review your yearly goals.  Have you met them?  Do they need tweaking?  Take a few hours and consider where your business is.  You still have time to make changes to your operations in the final quarter of the year, which can make a great deal of difference when you do your January goal setting. 

In the process of all of this,

remember that the US Probate Leads team is here to help.  From webinars and seminars to books and individual mentoring, we are here to assist you in building your business.

For more information on our lead service and other products, visit our website today at:

or feel free to give us a call at

(877) 470-9751.

The sale of Probate Properties can bring you a major new source of income. Let US Probate leads show you how to participate in this exciting market!

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