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At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

Probate Leads: The “Cadillac” of Real Estate Leads

The housing market crash is now a thing of the past.

The real estate market is now very competitive and quite profitable. As a result, the competition for prime properties is high.

Every investor or realtor knows about traditional real estate leads. And this is where probate leads come in.

Probate leads are indeed the “Cadillac” of real estate. These leads will always be

available because they arise as a result of people dying – an inevitable thing for all human beings.

The probate lead industry will be worth $15 trillion by 2018. About 70% of that value will be attributed to real estate! Think about that for a minute.

You don’t even have to struggle to find these leads. That’s what probate lead services are for. With professional help, the possibilities for making your business a success are endless!



Are you scared of venturing into probate real estate? Don’t be. Executors of probate properties just want someone with the right expertise to help them out. The longer they deal with the estate of the deceased, the longer they will be saddled with maintenance costs. And that is on top of their personal daily expenses. For this reason, executors and beneficiaries of probate real estate tend to be more amenable to selling off their properties as quickly as possible. So when you show up, make a decent offer, and promise to take the financial burden off all parties concerned, you will be amazed at the positive response you will get most times. Even if the beneficiaries do not want to sell then, they will remember you, and contact you later.

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Motivated sellers are the gift that keeps on giving. And probate leads will lead you straight to them.

Probate leads are associated with motivated sellers because of:

Logistics: Did you know that 50% of executors live out of the county where the probate process is?
It is much more difficult to



Business cards must make a lasting impression if you are to win the battle for prime probate real estate properties:-

Be sure to use colored business cards. Prospective clients tend to hold onto those 10 times longer than a standard card.

Also include all your contact details like name, your company title, email address, and phone number as well as location.

Keep every detail clean, legible, and organized. The easier they are to read, the more likely they are to be used.

Probate Leads: A Chance at Finding Motivated Sellers

The place to begin is at

manage property from a distance so they will be more willing to sell quickly.

Financial Pressure: It takes money to maintain a probate property before it’s sold. People would rather sell the probate property and get the money instead of using their personal resources to manage the property.

An offer from you would provide a huge financial relief to everyone concerned.

Emotional Stress: Usually, the executors and beneficiaries of

the probate property have to deal with grief because they loved the person who passed away. Managing the probate process adds to their stress.

By buying or selling a probate property, you will be helping the loved ones of the deceased recover faster.

Infighting: Inheritance issues bring out the worst in people. The longer a property stays in the market, the worse the infighting will be.

Your offer may help preserve family ties.

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Invest in Business Cards

Did you know that for every 2000 business cards distributed, company sales will rise by 2.5%?

Invest in business cards to boost your real estate business. For every probate lead that you pursue, you should ensure you leave behind a card. Sooner or later, someone will call you.

Probate Property Is Profitable To Discerning Investors

The average lifespan in the USA is 78.8 years. Meanwhile, the baby boomer generation is getting older.

Pretty soon, this aging generation will be at the end of their life. And when that happens, their properties will end up joining at least 6 million other estates already in probate.

By the time people die, they have worked as hard as they can to meet their financial obligations. And where real estate is concerned, many older people will have cleared most or all of their mortgage debt. It’s just their way.

Therefore, most properties that end up in probate have low debt attached to them. Some may even have zero debt attached.

If the deceased leaves behind tax, medical, and funeral bills that need to be paid, probate property, they have to be paid


from the proceeds of the probate property sale. So, while there may not be any incentive for the beneficiaries and executor to sell a low-debt property, the other bills may force them to. This is great news for you.

A low- or no-debt property is appealing because it offers the possibility for huge profit margins for a discerning real estate investor. If you are a realtor, you are going to have an easier time selling it. It’s a win all round!


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Probate Leads: That Way Lies a Treasure Trove

Many people underestimate the benefits of probate leads. There is certainly more to probate leads than meets the eye.

When someone dies, everything is left behind. We are talking about not just real estate property but everything in it. This includes furniture and cars among other things.

The beneficiaries named in the will may be able to get everything that has been left to them. But that is not always the case. Over 55% of Americans will die without a will. And their properties may not be

inherited by anyone at all if there are debts to pay.

If they are lucky, the beneficiaries may be able to get some sentimental items but nothing else. This may also be the case if the beneficiaries are not really interested in salvaging anything before the probate property is sold.

Fortunately for you people tend to dismiss probate properties as too much work. Let them be, but dare to be different. Probate leads are a very good way of finding treasure troves.

You will be amazed at the valuables you can find in a home. There is a reason as to why the British TV show “Cash in the Attic” once existed.

So you may find not just a prime piece of real estate at a discount, but also cars, furniture, vintage items like clothing, paintings, household appliances, business machinery, and farm vehicles like tractors, carpentry equipment, business stock, and stamp collections and so on.

If all these things are sold to you as part of the probate property, they are yours to keep, sell, or use.


There is no doubt that business cards will cost you a pretty penny. However they will benefit your business in multiple ways:

First, business cards show that you mean business. And when an executor of an estate is under the stress caused by the probate process, professional help will always be welcome. That card will end up netting you that listing or prime investment property you have always wanted.

Business cards also ensure that you remain memorable. When the probate property administrator and beneficiaries decide to sell, they will reach the most accessible person. A business card will help make you memorable enough to be contacted at the right time.

A business card that gets people to contact you when they want to sell a property will eventually help boost your sales and revenue in the long term.

Probate Properties Can Boost Your Portfolio

Anything under the sun that human beings own can end up in probate.

It’s not just residential real estate that will end up being sold to pay the bills and help the beneficiaries. Commercial real estate, undeveloped lots, ranchland, farms, office buildings, and even strip malls will all end up in probate at one point or another.

Real estate properties tend to rise in value over time. But it is also a good idea to diversify your portfolio in order to have multiple streams of income. Doing so will ensure that you always have money coming in even when your investments in one industry are not doing so well.

Probate property is great for portfolio diversification in more ways than one. The properties

of this nature that you do buy will provide long-term stability. That said you should also consider probate leads that involve other types of properties.

You could invest in farmland and start producing food for sale. You could also invest in ranchland and get your foot into the cattle business or something similar.

Undeveloped pieces of land can be used for various purposes. You could create parks, golf courses, or lease them for oil drilling (assuming you get that lucky and there is oil in your land).

A strip mall can be a good way of diversifying your portfolio too. Most existing tenants would

rather stay under new management and pay a little bit extra in rent than struggle to find a new business place to lease. You will benefit from ready customers and an additional cash stream.

If you inherit a business like a restaurant, you could always sell it or hire professionals to run it. The same applies to properties like manufacturing plants.

Additionally, mineral rights can be obtained via probate properties. You may end up making a lot of money just by leasing or selling your mineral rights.

Probate leads do indeed lead to hidden treasures.

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties,
that will allow you to be a success in the probate area.

The probate real estate industry is only going to get better.

Did you know that the elderly in the U.S. will number 50 million in 2019, and will form 20% of the population by 2030?

As a discerning real estate investor, it pays to stay ahead of the game. It’s in your best interest therefore, to find lead service providers who provide great value for your money.

This is how you will know you have found The One:

Positive Reviews: Hire a tried-and-tested lead service. Find a company with great ratings and many positive reviews. Take your time to read through testimonials of various clients before selecting the right lead company.

Fair pricing: A no-contract lead service is the best. You should only pay for the leads you intend to use without future obligations.

Large Database: Select a probate lead company that has a

large database of leads from all counties in the U.S.

Our company U.S. Probate Leads will fulfill all these conditions and more. Let us help you find the best leads in real estate!


For more information on our lead service and other products, visit our website today at:

or feel free to give us a call at (877) 470-9751.

The sale of Probate Properties can bring you a major new source of income. Let US Probate leads show you how to participate in this exciting market!


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