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At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

Lead Services Give You an Edge in the Real Estate Market

Professional real estate investors are looking for any edge they can get in today’s market. With the shortage in leads that are available, trying to find properties that will suit a portfolio can be a real challenge. Having access to a new source of leads is an important tactic in finding properties that will help you to move your business forward.

While many real estate investors work with agents or look online for listings, what they are finding is that there are challenges in

terms of getting the amount of leads they need in order to make a good decision on what properties to investigate.

There is an easy solution. Using a lead service can give you access to homes that are not listed in traditional markets, such as those that are part of a probate, bankruptcy or divorce filing in the local court system. These properties are likely heavily discounted and up for a quick close. Using a lead service can give you the options that you need in order to take your business to the next level.



Have you ever wondered why Executors are so motivated to sell their probate listings? When an individual agrees to become an Executor, they become responsible to the court for all of the tax and legal filings that have specific due dates. They are also responsible for the property that is in the probate and have to make decisions as to what to do with it. Many times, Executors will have to sell property and personal items in order to pay for past due bills that their loved one needed to pay. These can include medical bills, funeral expenses as well as overdue taxes and credit card bills. Cash is needed in order to close the probate and that is a motivating force for many Executors.

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Planning for the season ahead is one of the hallmarks of a great real estate investor. While you may be enjoying your time at the pool, now is the best time for you to take a close look at the fall real estate investing season and make plans that will put your business into the next phase of growth.

What are the things that you need to know in order to move



Today’s real estate market has a shortage of leads. That can make your job as an investor really challenging. But, if you are the go-to expert in your area, you may hear about homes that are going through probate, bankruptcy or divorce well before they even go on the market.

The way to do this is to start a campaign of building relationships with attorneys and accountants who may hear about these properties. Offer to meet in their office or for coffee to explain what you do and how you can help them and their clients.

Think About Fall Real Estate Now

The place to begin is at

your business from summer to fall? Understanding a bit about how the market changes between seasons is critical. There is some momentum overlap between the hot season of the spring into the summer, especially with families looking to get their homes sold and move before school starts.

The fall is a different type of market. Very serious buyers and sellers come out in the fall and the season can be very strong until the holidays start. If you do find a home that has gone on the market during the holiday season the sellers are

likely quite motivated to get it sold and may be willing to work with you.

What do you need to do now? Any homes that you want to put on the market should go on as soon as possible to give you the maximum amount of lead time before the holidays. Look carefully at what your goals are and figure out what steps you need to take in order to get them completed by the end of the year.  Finally, as soon as Labor Day is over, look for options to get out into the community as more people will be serious about selling their homes.

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Constant Communication

So many investors get frustrated when they don’t hear back from Executors, but that shouldn’t stop you from still sending out your communications. In fact, you never know when an Executor will get your postcard or letter -- it could be the tenth one you sent! – and decide to respond. Keep sending communications!

What to Say During Your First Chat with an Executor

The process of talking to an Executor can sound easy enough, but meeting with one for the first time can either be the start of a great relationship, or it can slow you down and completely stall the deal.

During your first chat with an Executor it is important that you offer your condolences, no matter how long ago the death of their loved one occurred. Showing your human side will help you to instantly build rapport and will help to create a trust between the two of you.

The next stage of the conversation can include questions about the

property that is available. Don’t be shy about these questions as this is the very information that you will need in order to make good decisions about how to move forward.

Once you have some of these basic questions answered, schedule a time to meet with the


Executor at the property. Ask them for about an hour of their time. Letting them know in advance how long you will need to be there will help them to schedule their day and shows respect for their time.

The day before the appointment, make sure to send a confirmation email or text to let them know that you didn’t forget. This shows that you are planning on showing up for your meeting and offer professional services.


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Why Aren’t There More Homes on the Market?

If you are a real estate investor, then you may be surprised to find that there simply aren’t that many homes on the market at this time. That has left many real estate investors wondering why the market seems to be so lacking in homes for sale.

There are many reasons why this is the case. One of the most prominent reasons that there aren’t more homes on the market is because of market conditions after the 2008 recession. With the credit crisis and the dramatic drop in home prices, many people are underwater on their home value and their loans. They may be able to afford to purchase a new

home, but they may not be able to sell the home they are currently living in. The reason is that when home prices dropped, the value of the mortgage may be more than the value of the home. A home sold in that condition would require the seller to bring literally thousands of dollars to the closing table in order to get the deal done. Homes aren’t selling for as much so there is a gap between home values and loan values.

The construction slowdown is another reason that the market is much tighter than it has in the past. In just the last few months, the

construction industry has started to begin building again. Not only were builders having trouble getting financing, but they were also concerned about being able to sell their homes given how few loans were being completed by banks.

These are just a few of the reasons that the housing market is still showing signs of shortages in terms of leads. You can expect some additional bounce back in the next few months, but the general trend of a tight real estate market may continue for a time until banks begin lending again and home prices rise enough that sellers can afford to purchase a new home.


Whether you are brand new to the probate real estate industry or you have been an investor for a longer period of time, there always comes a time when you need to change the way that you do business. This might be because you want to generate more income or because your current business is stuck.

When you find yourself in that situation, then individualized mentoring is one of the best ways for you to take your business and your knowledge as an entrepreneur to the next level.

At US Probate Leads, we offer individualized mentoring for probate real estate investors who really want to take their portfolio to a new level of profitability or for those who are just getting into the business and simply don’t want to have to wait a long period of time before becoming profitable.

Call or email us today for more information on these programs!

Find a New Way to Add Income to Your Business

Working as a real estate investor means that you have to be creative in the way that you structure your business. Finding new ways to add income to your business can help you to bridge the gap during slow real estate seasons as well as help you when you need additional income in order to complete repairs or make investments into your properties.

If you haven’t thought about diversifying your offerings, then you have plenty of options to increase your cash flow. One of the most popular options for probate real estate investors is to offer estate sales. Estate sales help an Executor to sell off home goods that are left behind and that are no longer needed. These items can include everything from rugs and furniture to cooking equipment and books. If you have a love of organizing and working with

people, then an estate sale business might be a good fit for you. Understanding the market value for items is also a requirement for running an estate sale. This can be a valuable add-on service that Executors will be quick to take advantage of. As you can imagine, Executors may have a hard time figuring out how to clean out a house and sell the personal items. If you are interested in the home, it makes it an even better deal, as you can offer to do the estate sale and purchase the home at the same time.

Another option to generate cash in your probate real estate business is to offer clean out services. Many homes in probate have garages, basements and barns that are filled items that need to be removed.

Offering a clean out service will help an Executor get a property ready for sale. You can hire a team to assist you in moving items out of the home and either donating, recycling or getting them to the trash processors. This is a huge help to Executors as well as other people in the community and may even give you leads on other properties that are coming on the market before they are ever listed.

There are plenty of ways to add more income to your probate real estate business. It is just a question of what type of add-on services appeal to you and how you can integrate them into your current services and options for Executors.

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties,
that will allow you to be a success in the probate area.

This is a great time to be working in probate real estate. As you have seen, there is a shortage of leads in the traditional real estate market which has led many investors to simply drop out and let their portfolios stall.

That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, with some information and great probate leads you can go ahead and find properties that you can add to your portfolio for thirty to fifty percent less than the current market values for comparable properties. Executors like to sell their

properties in as is condition and with a quick closing, so they are generally more than ready to give you options to purchase their property for a discounted price and get it turned over to you quickly.

With probates, you also have the opportunity to find more than just residential property. In fact, you can find businesses, vacation homes, commercial property, rental homes, personal property, RVs, antiques, cars and boats as part of a probate. This can offer you plenty of

options for things that can be purchased and then resold for a profit. The options in probate investment are nearly endless and simply depend on your creativity.


For more information on our lead service and other products, visit our website today at:

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The sale of Probate Properties can bring you a major new source of income. Let US Probate leads show you how to participate in this exciting market!


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