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At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

Profit in Probates This Year Ė Get Your Business Started

Tired of the nine to five grind? Starting your own probate business will give you a chance to work the hours you want to work and enjoy the level of success that you need to live your dreams.

Profiting in probates is easy. Executors need to sell the homes that are in the estate, along with other personal property in order to satisfy the requirements of the court and free up money to pay legal, tax, medical and credit card bills. This money can also be used to pay for funeral expenses.

As you can imagine, this creates the environment for profits. Executors generally price properties at thirty to fifty percent below market value in order to guarantee a quick sale. The margin on these homes, even when they are repaired, is enough to help you create business profits that you will love.

Don’t wait any longer to get started in probates. The process is easy and a lead service can help you to find probate properties that you can add to your portfolio or sell.



Why are Executors so willing to sell properties below market value? The reality is that they need cash in order to fulfill the requirements of the court and pay bills. The cash that can be derived from a home sale can be used to pay for lingering funeral bills, medical expenses, accounting fees and even to provide an inheritance for the heirs. Executors also know that the home they are putting on the market is likely in need of updating. While other homes in the area might be new, probate homes generally require improvements such as carpeting, paint and changes to bathrooms and kitchens. Knowing this, Executors discount their properties to accommodate buyers and make a quick sale.

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One of the best parts of working for yourself is being able to control your own time and your own success.  But, what if there was something that you could do to help you move your business forward more quickly? 

That thing is to find a mentor.  Having a mentor or a coach can really help you take your probate business to the next level.  So many people have businesses



Every family has to deal with challenging family members over time.  This is due to the fact that everyone grieves differently.  Sometimes that grief creates anger.  This can be a challenge for probate investors who want to make a deal.

How can you handle this?  Limit your conversations and negotiations to the Executors.  Only the Executor has the power to make the deal.  Any angry or upset family members are ones you can show compassion to and then refer back to the Executor.

The Power of Individual Mentoring

The place to begin is at

just don’t grow because they don’t have all of the skills they need to become a successful probate investor.

The concepts behind working a probate business are really easy.  Putting them into practice is not always hard, but can be challenging when you have questions.  A mentor is the one person who understands what you are trying to accomplish and how you can get there.  They understand the challenges that you see each and every day and know how to get through them because they have done it themselves.


Does this make sense to you?  If you are tired of trying to answer all of your probate questions on your own, then it is time to get a mentor or join a mentoring program.  In addition to many investor groups on social media, US Probate Leads offers professional mentoring so you can take your business to the next level.

You know that investing in probates is easy.  You can make it extremely successful by working with a mentor and getting the information you need to take it to the next level.  Call us today for information!

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Mailing to Executors

How do you contact Executors?  The best plan is to send them a mailing to introduce yourself and your services.  Resend a mailing – a postcard is a good bet – each month until you hear from the Executor or you see that the home has sold.  Consistency is key in contacting Executors.

Building Links in the Community Can Lead to Profits

Networking can be a powerful way to build your probate business. While you may not like the idea of going to events or meeting people for lunch, it can be the best way to hear about properties and learn about opportunities before they ever hit the market.

In addition to having a constant stream of leads, knowing people who are working in associated industries can really help you to build your business.  Attorneys, accountants, funeral directors and other professionals have access to those who may have probate property to sell.

How can you build those links in the community? Try joining the local Chamber of Commerce, a networking group for business or even the Rotary Club. Once you go to these meetings, donít forget to follow up. Take the time to meet with the people that you talked to


after you meet them. Offer them help or a lead or a source and you will set yourself up to create the business that you want.  Over time, these people, who have access to the people who may have probate properties to sell, will know you and feel free to recommend you.

These links in the community can really help you to build a profitable probate business that is sustainable over the long term.


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Balancing Business Building and Grieving Families

When you start your probate real estate business the idea is to build profits, right?  As you can imagine, there are more factors when working with a probate property than just how much you can negotiate the property price.  Property conditions, issues with the contract, financing – all of these can affect the deal as well – but the most overlooked issue is with dealing with grieving families.

Keeping a solid eye on the fact that the reason there is a probate at all is because there was a death in the family is critical.  While you may want to build your business, it is also important to take in consideration the

fact that these families have suffered a loss.

How should this affect your business?  When working with families, remember that the Executor has a lot of responsibility and is grieving as well.  Keep your communications professional and yet cordial and don’t forget to express your condolences.  If there are family members who are difficult, then make sure to confine your comments to the Executor.

Also, remember that you may need to be more flexible on terms with a grieving family, especially if they are

putting the home on the market shortly after the death of their loved one. You may need to have a plan to help an Executor with personal belongings or cleaning out basements, attics or a garage.  Being flexible with these types of situations can help you to make a deal work.

Executors also have a need for cash to pay off funeral debts. A quick closing is a great way to help the family while getting access to the property more quickly.

You can balance business building and a grieving family with some sensitivity and flexibility to the situation.


At the beginning of the year you may have set goals to help you get your business moving forward for 2016. How are those coming?

Asking this question on a regular basis is really important. When you set goals they do you no good if you don’t follow through on what it takes to get them done. The best way to move forward is to look at them weekly as you set up your schedule. Try doing this on a Sunday night. Grab your goals and your weekly schedule and add specific tasks that will move you closer to meeting your goals.

Remember that while these things may not seem urgent, they are important during the week. It may seem more critical to take care of another task that comes up, but your goal-related tasks are the ones that you have identified that will move you the closest to your goals.

Review your 2016 goals today and set up tasks that will take you to the next level.

Consider Commercial Properties for Investment

There are so many opportunities for investment in probates that you can easily build a business that will meet your career and financial goals. One area many probate investors simply don’t consider is that there are many commercial properties available in probates that can be excellent investments.

Commercial properties – restaurants, medical facilities, warehouses, hotels and office space – can be an asset to your portfolio. These properties can add an excellent income stream to your operation as they generally command more rent per square foot than a home or apartment. In addition, commercial properties are usually secured with a long term lease, which can add a tangible benefit to your cash flow.

Commercial properties are listed as part of a probate just like residential properties.  They

may be listed when a property is not held by a corporation or other legal entity.  In that case, just like a residential property that is going through probate, the Executor will be responsible for selling the property.  The good news is that many of these commercial properties are already rented, which means an immediate cash flow stream for your business.

How can you evaluate a commercial property? You can complete an evaluation much the same way that you would do a residential analysis. Take a contractor with you to go and visit the property or hire a professional commercial inspector to look at your potential property. Knowing whether or not the roof, foundation or

parking lot needs to be replaced is important before you purchase the property.

In addition to a physical assessment, make sure you complete a financial assessment too. Having an idea how much rent a property brings in per month, the terms of the leases and the history of each tenant is critical. Purchasing a property where a tenant is in arrears and needs to be evicted can be challenging when purchasing a new commercial property.

Look to commercial properties as a way to diversify your business and increase your monthly income stream.  Do your homework and profit!

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties,
that will allow you to be a success in the probate area.

There are so many ways to profit in probate.  Whether you want to focus on residential or commercial properties, there is always room for business growth, especially if you have taken time to create goals and move them from concept to reality.

At US Probate Leads, we know that a cornerstone of your business is having great leads.  That is why we offer customized lead services in every county of the United States, delivered right to your inbox. These leads give you the advantage of never

having to go to the county courthouse to sift through difficult to understand filings.  You can skip to the step where you are contacting Executors and making deals.

Remember too, that while you are working for yourself, you may not want to work by yourself. Having a mentor or a coach can make a real difference in the success of your business. Our team offers individualized mentoring that can take your business to the next level and help you to meet your goals.

Let us partner with you, especially if you are just getting started in probates.  Our resources will help to bolster your success!


For more information on our lead service and other products, visit our website today at:

or feel free to give us a call at (877) 470-9751.

The sale of Probate Properties can bring you a major new source of income. Let US Probate leads show you how to participate in this exciting market!


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