At any one point in time there is more than $600B in Residential Real Estate properties on the market across the US. Executors of Estates frequently need money, so bargains are not hard to find.

How Can I Find Leads for My Probate Business?

No matter what kind of business you are in, finding leads to drive your business forward is an important issue. It is a critical issue in probates as well.

Having a steady stream of leads for your probate business means that you always have properties to look at and you always have new Executors to consult. Getting those leads doesnít need to be challenging.

You could spend time at your local courthouse looking up probate records and finding your own system for

recording them, but that does take time and energy. This might not be the best solution for professionals or for those who are investing as a side hustle.

The absolute best way to have a steady stream of leads is to use a lead service, like US Probate Leads, to deliver the information that you need right to your inbox. Our team of trained probate professionals goes out to each county in the United States and collects viable, timely leads that can be sent directly to you, saving you time and frustration.



Is there opportunity in probate? You bet! Each month tens of thousands of probates are filed in courthouses across the United States. Each one of those cases contains property Ė homes, motorcycles, artwork, vacation homes, rental properties and commercial properties Ė that need to be sold in order for the probate to close. Executors, who need to sell the property, are always looking for ways to quickly offload everything from personal properties to businesses and welcome the help of a probate investor. With a never ending supply of cases being filed, there is always a ton of opportunity to profit in probate. Your business can profit from purchasing and reselling these properties or adding them to your portfolio.

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When probate investors get started in the business, they spend a lot of their planning around residential properties. What many investors donít realize is that there are so many options in probates. Buying a business is just one of the options that you may find to be a possibility as you move forward.

When assets enter a probate, they can include anything from homes, rental properties and personal



Creating success in your business means that you will need to become the foremost probate expert in your area. How do you do that? The best plan is to become visible.

Each community has a local newspaper, Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. Take the time to join these organizations and offer to write a column for your local paper on probates. This will establish you as the expert in the area and will help you to have the first opportunity at properties that are just coming on the market Ė ones you may have not even heard about.

Buying a Business Through Probate

The place to begin is at

effects to completely functioning (and profitable) businesses.

Many times, when a loved one passes away, the business that they had is still running. If the family is not interested in taking care of it, you may be able to purchase it for a discount.

Pursing the purchase of a business is something that requires due diligence. When you are thinking about buying a business, make sure that you hire an accountant to help you evaluate the books to ensure that


the information you are being given about its profitability is correct. You can also have an inventory of the business completed so that you know what type of equipment is available and whether it is working or not. Spending a day watching operations is also a good idea to help you spot deficiencies and staffing issues.

Purchasing a business through probate can be done with the help of an accountant and other experts that can help you to determine the worth of the business. You can own your own business with probates.

Probate Leads represent the last major market untapped real estate market segment in the US today! Now is your opportunity to step into this market.


Mailing to Executors

Dealing with family members can be one of the most challenging parts of working in the probate business. Remember that the Executor and no other family member has the right to make sales and sign sales agreements in the eyes of the court. Stick close to the Executor and keep your communications with them.

Try Bankruptcy and Divorce Leads

Probates are not the only way that you can make money in the real estate industry. In fact, if you havenít already explored bankruptcy and divorce options, it is a great time to do so.

Much like probates, bankruptcy and divorce cases are overseen by the local court that is adjudicating the case. Many individuals that are going through bankruptcy and divorce have assets that need to be sold in order for the case to be closed. This is where the opportunity for you as an investor is.

Just like probates, bankruptcy

and divorce cases can include homes, cars, personal property, vacation homes, businesses and even commercial property. In cases of divorce, the proceeds may need to be split, where in bankruptcy the proceeds may need to go to the creditors that the individual is trying to settle their case with.


In either case, you can look for these listings and approach the individual or their counsel to make a purchase. One thing to note is that especially in bankruptcy cases the court may require specific language in the sales agreement that has to do with the court orders. Make sure to have your attorney review this before you sign to make sure you understand the requirements.

Bankruptcy and divorce leads can be great for your investment business.


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Repairs that Offer the Best Returns for Your Business

When you are buying a home to resell or rent out, it is critical that you spend the money that you have available for repairs on items that will bring you a great ROI. There are some repairs that will do that and others that will not.

One of the best ways to determine which repairs will help you to profit is by thinking carefully before spending your money. People who want to purchase or rent a home want to be able to move in right away and donít generally want to take on large repairs. Evaluating what you need to do by what your prospective owner or renter would want is a key step in

rehabbing your home.

With that thought in mind, what areas of the home are most important to a buyer or renter? Buyers or renters want to have a home that is attractive, so painting or replacing a front door offers a great return. So does trimming bushes and adding mulch to the front area of a yard.

On the interior of a home, buyers and renters prefer to have new carpet and fresh paint. These are easy repairs and can be done inexpensively. Instead of trying to choose different colored carpet for every room, choose a neutral colored plush and

have that installed throughout the home. Walls can be painted a light neutral color as well to give the home a clean look. Donít disregard ceilings as those that are yellowed can make the home look older.

The kitchen and bath are also areas that will provide a high level of ROI. Simply painting the cabinets and adding new hardware can bring a kitchen to life. You can stage each room with rugs, towels and accessories to help people visualize how the space can be used.

Front doors, paint, carpet and changes to cabinetry can bring you a high level of ROI.


We get this question a lot from our newest investors in probates and it is a good one! When a probate is entered into the county register, the court takes over the proceedings. One of their first tasks is to name an Executor Ė or just approve one if one has been proposed Ė so that the case can be moved forward and closed within the required time.

The Executor, generally a family member, attorney or accountant, is the individual that is empowered by the court system to make sales agreements.

As an investor, you want to make sure that all of your communications go through the Executor. While other family members may try to interfere, it is in your best interest to simply communicate with the person who has the power to move the sale forward. That would be the Executor and no one else.

Buying and Selling Personal Property Brings Profits

Smart probate investors are always looking for additional streams of income. One of the most profitable ways to bring profits is by buying and selling personal property.

When a probate is filed, anything not put into a trust or given to a particular family member through a will goes through a probate. This can include cars, RVs, ATVs, boats, vacation homes, businesses and personal effects such as furniture, antiques and artwork. The presence of these items is a great way to add income to your probate business.

Cars can be bought and sold relatively easily from a probate. Every type of car can be found in a probate filing, from vintage cars that have been buried in a barn for decades and may be worth a significant amount of money to daily drivers that the family simply needs to dispose

of. These vehicles can provide a great way to profit if you have a background in this area. Looking up values on the internet is a way to start the process if you do find a vehicle that an Executor wants to sell.

Recreational items can also bring you profits. From RVs to boats, many Executors are unsure how to sell these items. If you have experience in these areas, you may be able to find some great deals that you can then resell for a profit. If you are interested in purchasing these items, you may want to invest in a survey or inspection. Many times insurance companies will not offer coverage to items that have not been inspected, depending on the age of the vehicle or boat.

Artwork and antiques can also bring options for your business. Older homes can be filled with treasures that you can resell on the Internet. Using a service like Ebay, you can easily find items that the Executor would like to sell and then post them with an added charge so that you make a profit. Be cautions with all of your selections and choose items that have been selling. You can see the selling history of items by doing a simple Internet search.

Look for items that can be easily sold to add to your profit stream as an investor. Buying and selling personal property can give you the cash you need for your business today.

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A Note from the Editor

Together, we can find those probate-related properties,
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