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1. All Leads ordered are put in a queue for 24 hours. Every order is date and time stamped. Orders are filled in date/time order. Exclusive county purchases in a 24 hr period receive priority. If an order is not able to be filled because of priority or exclusivity, money is refunded within 24 hours.

2. Monthly purchases can be cancelled by Subscriber up to 10 days prior to scheduled delivery.

3. USPL reserves the right to cancel all orders, if an Exclusive offer is received.

4. USPL warrants that data provided by USPL is current as of the last date that the data is pulled. Note that in some instances a court may be behind in their posting efforts. USPL provides all data available as of the collection date. USPL makes no warranties with regards to the accuracy of data collected.

5. By clicking on the purchase button the user acknowledges that they will not sell, resell or otherwise distribute any of the public records, probate, real property information or any other data or information that is received as a result of that purchase to any individual, corporation, business entity, their respective employees, agents subcontractors, licensees, affiliates or partners.

6. USPL makes no warranties or promises with regard to the use or intended use of information provided by USPL. The customer agrees to hold USPL officers, employees, contractors, and affiliates harmless and not liable in connection with any claims, damages, cost or expenses arising out of the customer use of probate leads purchased through USPL.

Available Probate Leads

Due to the large number of probate courts throughout the US (more than 3,000) US Probate Leads (USPL) provides probate estimates based on population, demographics and location. Generally these estimates are very accurate, but occasionally, Probate estimates may be more or less than expected. In order to ensure that our customers receive full value for their financial commitment we have implemented the following guidelines:

1. On average, USPL commits to providing leads to our paying customers on the basis of our estimated lead definition as shown on our web site within plus or minus 10%.

2. If average available leads in a county are less than 10% over a 6 month period, customers will be provided additional leads at no charge beginning in month 7 until that deficiency has been corrected.

3. If the number of leads available in a given month exceeds 10%, USPL will provide the estimated leads plus the additional 10% for that month. If this situation is expected to continue USPL may also offer updated pricing for all of the leads at a per unit cost equivalent to the purchase originally made. Customers are under no obligation to upgrade their purchase plan.

Purchase Periods

Probate Leads are collected every 30 days. Our site states when the next collection period will be. You will receive your data the date following the date of the next collection. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase. In most cases delivery will be in 3-5 days. In some instances we may not be able to get the data for 10 business days. While we pull in virtually every major county in the country (for our Bank & Credit Card customers), we may not have the Address data required for our new Real Estate customers until our next visit.

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