We have Probate Lead packages specifically designed for Real Estate Investors. We allow you to target your clientele at the county level and in bulk.

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Bulk Leads

  • 1x Historical

  • From Months 4-24

  • As Low As $0.35/Lead

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Historical Probate Leads have proven to be viable for several years. The key is to be there when the Executor wishes to Sell

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*Only USPL has the Inventory to allow Pricing so Low

  • Anywhere in the US
  • Lists from 1,000 to 10′s of Thousands of Leads
  • Prices as Low as 35¢/Lead
  • Data Available for past 4 − 24 months*

Ideal for Large Sales Teams/Multiple Locations

*Our bulk leads program is for historical data from 4 to 24 months.

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  • Monthly Subscriptions

  • 25/50/100/250/All Leads

  • 1x Quarterly Historical

  • Up To 3 Years

  • Virtually All Counties Available
  • Leads Pulled Monthly
  • Minimum Pricing $180/Mo
  • Historical At Reduced Rates
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Ideal for Investors and Brokers that service County size areas

Also Available


  • Monthly Subscriptions

  • 5/10/All Leads

  • 1x Quarterly Historical

  • Up To 3 Years

  • Smaller Counts -> Lower Prices
  • Cities >10K Available
  • Leads Pulled Monthly
  • Historical At Reduced Rates
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Ideal for Realtors Seeking Nearby City Level Leads

Also Available

Zip Codes

  • Monthly Subscriptions

  • Select Max Monthly Leads

  • Historical (By Count)

  • 3/6/12/24 Mo. Packages

  • Very Targeted Areas
  • Virtually Any Zip Code
  • Leads Priced At $2.50/Lead
  • You Choose Package
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Ideal for Realtors who want to Jump Start a New Area

We have delivered results for thousands of clients over the past 20 years.

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