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Probate Leads

US Probate Leads retrieves over 50,000 probate and heir filings each month. Our national probate court researcher staff visits more than 1,500 Probate Courts regularly.

  • Virtually All Counties Available
  • City and Zip Codes Available
  • Historical Data at Low Rates

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What's Included? Everything!

Our data comes directly from the courts and includes names, contact information, addresses and much more.

Probate Court Info

The general data about the probate filing from the court.

County Name, Docket Number, Probate Date, Probate Document Names

Decedent Data

The decedent is the person who passed away and their estate is going through probate.

Decedent Name, Last Known Address, and Date of Death

Personal Representative Data

The Personal Representative (PR) is the person who is the Executor of the Estate.

PR Name, Address, Phone, and Email (when available)

Attorney Information

If the Probate filing was done by an Attorney, then we include their information.

Attorney Name, Address, and Phone (when available)


Premium Property Data

  • In addition to all the standard data that we provide with our probate records, you will receive property data such as the purchase amount, purchase date, assessed value, market value and the square footage.

  • Opt in to the optional probate premium data for an additional $1.50/lead.

  • Download Sample Premium Property Data

Our National Probate Court Researcher staff...

Services virtually every Major Population Center in the US
Visits more than 1,500 Probate Courts regularly
Retrieves more than 40,000 Probates monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Probate Leads?

Probate leads are used by Realtors, Brokers, Real Estate Investors, Mortgage companies, Lawyers and Attorneys, Title companies and many more businesses.

Why are Probate Leads so in demand?

Probate leads have always been the premier lead source for identifying distressed properties. The potential to identify highly motivated sellers who may be seeking to turn a property in their possession is at it′s peak with probate-related properties. This is unlike other distressed properties where you′re dealing with a seller who may not want to sell their house. Probate Property sellers typically are seeking to cash out and want to sell their property.

Mortgage companies, Lawyers and Attorneys, Title companies use this information to identify properties moving through the probate process. Banks and Credit Card companies use this data as a sanity check on open account information. Typically, DoD data comes from Social Record DBs and is often very slow to post. Probates provide another check point that can be used to determine if an account should be closed.

Do you identify property with each lead?

We typically find that up to 85% of probates files will have an associated probate property. Best practice is to ask the executor which property is the inherited property. You can do this by calling them, mailing them or sending an email. The process-driven lead purchaser will find that the extra effort required will yield remarkable results. The one thing that you can be assured of is that there are Residential Property Gems in our data.

Why should I consider Probate Leads from US Probate Leads?

We are the only company providing Probate data for every county in the US. We have been providing Probate Leads for the past 20 years. We started in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and now have a national team of researchers that allows us to provide data throughout the US. We are the acknowledged leader in Probate Data collection in the US.

Do you have leads available in my area?

US Probate Leads are available for all counties. We also cover most cities and zip codes throughout the United States. We encourage you to use our selection tool to check out any counties / cities / zip codes that might be of interest. The tool allows you to determine how many leads are available. It only takes one Gem to make this worthwhile.

What is included in a Probate Lead?

We provide Estate-related probates. Most probate courts also handle Guardianships, Conservatorships, cases pertaining to Minors, etc. We cull those records out and provide you records that have the potential for having real estate as part of the estate. You will receive Decedent Name and Last Known Address, Executor Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses.

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